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Frequently Asked Questions


Why Healthy Pet Chefs?

You shouldn’t be the only one eating healthy – more and more studies are showing the importance of your furry friends eating natural, nutrient packed foods.

Commercial pet foods are often full of additives like preservatives, colours (dyes), salt and carbohydrates. High levels of carbohydrates are linked to over-eating, diabetes, weight gain, and numerous other problems so for this reason dogs and cats should eat a diet with only a small amount of carbs. Additionally, grains form a large per cent of commercially available pet food but dogs and cats do not have the digestive system to cope with them. Many people find when they switch to an all natural raw diet, many grain-caused allergies disappear.

Our all natural raw diet replicates what your pets would naturally eat. For example, we do not cook our pet food, as this ruins most of its nutritional value. We also recommend raw meaty bones each day. These clean their teeth, work and develop their neck and jaw muscles and the chewing action prepares their stomach for the incoming food mass. Chewing bones also slows down the eating process considerably, making it far harder for your pet to over eat.

 How do I introduce Healthy Pet Chefs to my pet?

If your pet has eaten just one type of kibble or canned food their whole life, the introduction process may need to be extended over a number of weeks, which is totally fine. If they have a sensitive stomach, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), intestinal disturbances, or gut inflammation – common conditions in the pet population – the transition steps are very different and sometimes require support throughout the process by your preferred veterinarian. For pets with any such conditions, we recommend talking to your vet before you start any food transition to prevent any sickness like diarrhoea, vomiting etc.

Once you have transitioned completely to Healthy Pet Chefs, it’s best to serve your pet’s daily meal in two portions – half in the morning and half at night. Ideally with a meaty bone or whole meat product during the day. This exercises the jaw muscle, assists with oral hygiene and is also a great boredom buster!

Delivery schedule

We deliver within Canberra weekly which is free as part of our service. This ensures our freshly made products are delivered to you without hassle, as fresh as it comes. Our delivery schedule is northside suburbs on Saturday mornings generally between 9:30 am – 12:30 pm and southside suburbs on Sunday mornings generally between
10:00 am – 12:30 pm. Not at home when we make a delivery? no worries, leave an esky or cooler bag (with an ice brick) out the front and we will pop your orders in there for you ready when you arrive home.

If you live out of our delivery area, we can arrange a special delivery to your workplace or alternatively, meet you at a desired location in Canberra where you can collect your order.

Not only do we offer a weekly meal plan made up of daily meal and bones pack conveniently measured and sealed for freshness, we also offer pet birthday cakes and cupcakes, after all, why shouldn’t we celebrate our best friends’ birthday? Just tell us what you want and we’ll make it happen.

Do I need to feed dry food also?

It isn’t necessary but if you do, please ensure you pick a high quality holistic option.

We recommend discussing your pets individual needs with your vet to select an appropriate product.

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What if my Vet recommends another food?

Part of a Veterinarian’s job is to make sure to make sure any pet is getting its nutritional needs. We are confident that when they find out about our product they will agree our product is far superior to most if not all commercial pet food.

Send us your vet’s info and we would be happy to contact them to show and inform them about our products and approach.

Why does my food smell different?

Our meat is preservative free, which means it may smell a little different to the meat you might be used to smelling, additionally our meat has added organs, like brain, kidney and hearts – all very essential to your pets good health. Also we add various other delicious delights like natural yoghurt, kelp powder, oils and eggs so while it smells different to us please don’t be alarmed, your furry friend will love it!

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What if my pet stops eating Healthy Pet Chefs?

Don’t worry this is perfectly natural we liken it to a human eating fast foods then switching to salad after a week or two they crave the sugary, salty diet they were used to. If this happens we recommend to withhold wet food for a day or two substituting it with a raw meaty bone if they are a dog or a whole meat portion if they are a cat. That way they are still getting food and will make them keen to eat again.

What’s in the bone broth?

Our bone broth consists of either Organic, free range Chicken or Beef. We add organic apple cider vinegar and slow cook for about 48 hours. You can use the broth as a flavour enhancer, treat or feed on its own. It can double as a winter warmer for those colder months or, a chilled refreshment in summer especially good for a frozen pup-sickle. Broth is packed full of goodness and nutrients and can also be fed to both cats and dogs recovering from illness or a tooth extraction. If you do have a sick pet please ensure you check with your vet what they should be eating.