How much should I be feeding my cat?

The below chart is what we recommend in terms of daily Healthy Pet Chefs food portions, along with a daily whole meat serving:


Generally, healthy cats should be fed 2-3% of their bodyweight per day, excluding kittens, older cats, pregnant and lactating cats. We recommend feeding your four legged friend 2% of their body weight. To complement our daily meal product, a daily whole meat serving should be fed. We supply whole meats that cater to all cat sizes and preferences, ranging from chicken tips, necks and feet to various sized fish which ensures all your cat’s nutritional requirements are met.

Because every cat is different, there’s no exact standard formula. For example, they may (like humans do!) have a preference for a particular type of meat. Or you may prefer to feed them slightly less in their daily meal, but give them a larger whole meat serving – no problem! When you place your order simply select a larger whole meat pack. We realise your cat may not weigh the equivalent to the portion sizes we have made. If you have excess you can freeze or store in the fridge for another day or make up the difference in whole meat servings.

Alternatively, we can provide the paw-fect mixed pack of whole meats that we think satisfies their needs and appetite, for peace of mind.

Why should I feed my cat a whole meat serving??

Because cats are strict carnivores they often hunt and keep their prey, eating small amounts regularly. For this reason, we recommend supplementing your Healthy Pet Chefs daily portion with a whole meat serving. This should be a product that can be totally consumed and chewed by your cat e.g. chicken necks, small wings, feet or small fish. It imitates a biologically appropriate diet for your cat and ensures they are enjoying a variety of proteins while meeting their nutritional needs.