How much should I be feeding my dog?

The below chart is what we recommend in terms of daily healthy pet chefs food portions, along with a daily bone:


Generally healthy dogs should be fed 2-3% of their bodyweight, excluding puppies, older dogs, pregnant and lactating dogs. We recommend feeding your four legged friend 2% of their body weight daily, along with a daily meaty bone. We realise your dog may not weigh the equivalent to the portion sizes we have made. If you have excess you can freeze or store in the fridge for another day, make up the difference in meaty bones or contact us if you need us to tailor to your dog’s needs.

To complement our daily meal product, a raw meaty bone should be fed. We supply bones that cater to all dog sizes and preferences, ranging from various sized beef and lamb bones through to chicken tips, wings and carcasses to ensure your dog’s nutritional requirements are met. Because every dog is different, there’s no exact standard formula for example. You may want a specific type of bone or you may prefer to feed them slightly less in their daily meal, but give them larger bones – no problem! When you place your order simply select a larger fresh bone pack or provide extra detail in the comments box.

Or, we can provide the paw-fect mixed pack of bones that we think satisfies their needs and appetite, for peace of mind.

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What type of raw meaty bones should I feed my dog?

We offer many different products depending on your pets needs and dietary requirements.
Feed any type of bone that can be totally consumed and chewed by your dog e.g. chicken necks, wings, carcass, lamb necks, beef brisket, turkey necks. Big marrow bones are okay for your dog to have for a few hours, but once the marrow has gone and the excitement has worn off these bones are often left to rot in the back yard. Old bones become brittle and are often regurgitated. Old bones can cause injuries to teeth as they become very hard if left in the sun for a few days. We recommend removing such bones once your dog has lost interest. Always keep an eye on your dog while it has a bone.

Can I start feeding Healthy Pet Chefs straight away?

Yes, we will send you detailed instructions on a phased introduction of our delicious food to allow for a gentle transition. This is very important – imagine eating take away food every day for your whole life and then being introduced to a healthy diet. When introducing any new food to your fury friend, it’s best to take a phased approach and gradually replace their existing food over several days. You should also keep an eye on your pets condition, behaviour and stool. Do this for the remainder of the week, and if the stools remain normal, it’s should be safe to discontinue the old food and feed only Healthy Pet Chefs delicious diet.

Now, if a dog or cat has eaten just one type of kibble their whole life, this process may need to be extended over a number of weeks, which is totally fine. However, if they have a sensitive stomach, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), intestinal disturbances, or gut inflammation – common conditions in the pet population – the transition steps are very different and sometimes require support throughout the process by your preferred veterinarian for this reason we recommend talking to your vet before you start any food transition.